this is my full bio, but you don't have to read everything if you don't want to!!

savor the peelies

By Altaria on toyhouse

florence losel freelove

● egg fuck
● demigirl, she/her
● pan & poly leaning towards girls..
● my bday is feb 9th, im 15
● im ojibwe / native american
● hyperromantic and hypersexual
● i question my name a lot

i am selectively mute. talking both online and irl is very hard!!

adhd, bpd dpd and ppd, self diagnosed autism, severe generalized anxiety, high functioning depression, anthropophobia, misophonia, selective mutism, and im very sensitive to loud sounds

| ♡ = dnli | ■ = ask | ▣ = practically me |

i do kin out of my race but i dont claim to be whatever they are nor claim to experience trauma or opression because of them

● buhu ♡▣
● happy mask salesman ♡▣
● leo caruso ■
● ryo hazuki
● king dice ■
● neiro / hyohyo
● zenyatta
● ungatt trunn
● bandana dee
● the enderdragon
● succubikin ■
● vampirekin ■
● birdkin in general ▣
● ditto
● clefable


● antikin + the usual stuff
● ddlg, cgl, map, or support them
● you think pronouns = gender
● you hate clowns or my interests
● you like hamilton
● kin with lisa tepes, wazzat, vlad dracula or erik
● dont like my gf
● you wont see me as the happy mask salesman


● vampirekin or succubikin
● kin with adrian tepes or maria renard


● parasites, especially w*rms
● organ failure, natural death
● even talking about trypophobia, let alone pictures


● i shorten my typing and i usually type fast so i have a lot of typos sometimes.
● i call myself a bird a lot and baby talk sometimes
● i try my best to int with everything i see, dont be afraid to tell me if you want me to int

i sometimes have hysteric or hostile outbursts. please know that i dont do this on my own volition, and i actively try to stop violent ones

loz ✫
ghosts & cryptids
yo-kai watch ✫
castlevania ✫
phantom of the opera ✫
animal crossing
chickens and assorted birds ✫
rats and other rodents

✫ = special interest / fav

i know i was a bad person in the past

i am happier, and i am better now, and im doing my best to improve

dont bother me if you're just gonna yell at me for things i did awhile ago, i know i was sick, and wrong, and im not like that anymore.

dont talk about it, or me, because it just upsets me and its a vicious loop

i know it doesn't excuse my actions, but ive been abused and stuff and that contributed to it

im sorry, genuinely if i hurt you, i dont care if you want to forgive me or not, just know that im aware it was a bad thing to do, and you didnt deserve it.