out of order

By Altaria on toyhouse

florence losel lovehardt

● demigirl, it/she
● lesbian
● my bday is feb 9th, im 15
● im ojibwe / native american
● hyperromantic and hypersexual
● i question my name a lot

i am selectively mute. talking both online and irl is very hard!!

adhd, bpd dpd and ppd, self diagnosed autism, severe generalized anxiety, high functioning depression, anthropophobia, misophonia, selective mutism, and im very sensitive to loud sounds!! scary

| ♡ = dnfi | ■ = ask | ▣ = practically me |

i do kin out of my race but i dont claim to be whatever they are nor claim to experience trauma or opression because of them

● buhu ♡▣
● happy mask salesman ♡▣
● leo caruso ■
● windwaker link
● ryo hazuki
● king dice ■
● neiro / hyohyo
● zenyatta
● ungatt trunn
● bandana dee
● the enderdragon
● specter knight
● plantera
● succubikin ■
● vampirekin ■
● birdkin in general ▣
● the midnight man
● ditto
● clefable


● antikin + the usual stuff
● ddlg, cgl, map, (pedo uwu) or support them
● you think pronouns = gender im saying go away if u hate he/him lesbians and stuff
● you post about hating my friends or interests. keep it to urself
● you like hamilton or post about vld/kpop untagged
● kin with lisa tepes, wazzat, vlad dracula, lysandre or erik, u can ask if ur adrian tepes but its prbably not ok sorry
● not to be that guy but dont interact if you listen to, or are, a double of the happy mask salesman or buhu, or dont think im them.
● you interact AT ALL with my abuser, hes Luve_Mestari on twitter and was catsnack on vent


● parasites, especially w*rms
● organ failure, natural death
● even talking about trypophobia, let alone pictures, including bumps or clusters

i sometimes have hysteric or hostile outbursts. please know that i dont do this on my own volition, and i actively try to stop violent ones

arashi no yoru ni ✫✫✫
loz ✫
ghosts & cryptids
yo-kai watch ✫
castlevania ✫
phantom of the opera ✫
animal crossing
chickens and assorted birds ✫
rats and other rodents

✫ = special interest / fav